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Qualifying a skilled and capable workforce since 2010

Welcome to South Africa's public entity responsible for quality assurance and the oversight of the design, accreditation, implementation, assessment and certification of occupational qualifications, part-qualifications and skills programmes.

The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) is a Quality Council established in 2010 in terms of the Skills Development Act (Act 97 of 1998) as amended in 2008.

The QCTO also offers guidance to skills development providers (private and public) and assessment centres who must be accredited by the QCTO in order to implement occupational qualifications.

The QCTO is responsible for the following.

QCTO Icon 1Establishment and management of the Occupational Qualification Sub-framework (OQSF)

QCTO Icon 2Accreditation of Skills Development Providers

QCTO icon 3Research and Knowledge Development

QCTO Icon 4Certification

QCTO Icon 5Occupational Qualifications development and maintenance

QCTO icon 6Accreditation of Assessment Centres

QCTO icon 7Stakeholder Management and Advocacy

QCTO icon 8Assessment

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  • Accreditation Services and Forms

    Any Skills Development Provider offering training - or who wants to provide training - in programmes and qualifications that fall under the Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework (OQSF), must seek accreditation from the QCTO.



    Application to extend historically registered qualification accreditation

    Skills Development Provider Accreditation

    (Occupational Qualifications & Part)

    Skills Development Provider Accreditation

    (Occupational Skills Programmes)

    Skills Development Provider Accreditation NATED (N4-N6)

    Assessment Centre Accreditation Application

  • Assessment Services and Partners

    Assessment is the process of identifying, gathering and interpreting the information against the required competencies in a qualification or part-qualification registered on the OQSF in order to make judgement about a learner’s achievement through an External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA).

    An Assessment Centre is a centre accredited by the QCTO for the purpose of conducting EISA for registered occupational qualifications or trades.



  • Certification Services

    The QCTO issues

    • Trade Certificates: for trades recorded on the National Learner Records Database of SAQA, but without associated occupational qualifications, and
    • Occupational certificates: for learners who have proven competence against occupational qualifications or part-qualifications, including occupational qualifications for listed trades.

    The QCTO is mandated to ensure that these certificates are credible, both nationally and internationally.


  • Verification Services

    The QCTO verifies

    • Trade Certificates issued by the following entities/departments
    • Department of Manpower
    • Department of Labour
    • Department of Higher Education and Training
    • Former Homelands (TBVC States)
    • Transkei
    • Venda
    • Bophuthatswana
    • Ciskei
    • All Occupational Certificates issued since 2016


  • Skills Programmes

    Occupation-based learning programmes aimed at building skills that have economic value, and which incorporate knowledge and practical modules. Registered by a SETA and delivered by an accredited training provider they lead to qualifications registered on the NQF.


    The QCTO’s Occupational Skills Programmes are occupation directed. They focus on practical, simulation and/or work experience. The objective is for certified learners to be more likely to secure employment or be more employable. These Occupational Skills Programmes can be provided at entry, intermediate, or advanced levels.


  • Occupational Qualifications

    The QCTO has the engagement, passion and power to transform South Africa by qualifying a skilled and capable workforce. Together with our valued partners and associates – Skills Development Providers, SETAs, TVET colleges, professional bodies and employers across a wide range of industry sectors – we are committed to give work seekers and employees the relevant, responsive, marketable, experiential, work-ready skills that respond to South Africa’s skills development priorities.


  • Database of Skills Development Providers (SDPs)

  • Database of Accredited Assessment Centres

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We have suspended the use of Qualifications Development Facilitators (QDFs) for the development of occupational qualifications, part qualifications and skills programmes with immediate effect. For more information, contact us on info@qcto.org.za.

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The Skills Development Provider's Guide to Offering Occupational Qualifications

To those who attended the QCTO virtual workshop, on 11 August, on the accreditation process please complete this short survey to share your experience.

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