1. When you become a client we will request certain information, required for administration and commercial purposes as well as functional planning and tactical campaign implementation of your marketing and communication projects.
  2. We may share some of your information with our staff who require this information in order to do their work on behalf of the client, as well as a service provider who may require relevant information about a client.
  3. We may list the names of our clients and past clients on the Gendel website and use client-supplied company references in the pursuit of new business.
  4. We do not share any of your proprietary or sensitive strategic information without your permission.
  5. Your information is securely stored on our servers.
  6. You may at any time request details about what information we have about you.
  7. Once a client ceases doing business with Gendel, we will retain computer files relating to the client for a period of six months. Thereafter we will either archive the creative work or delete it from our servers.
  8. You may contact [email protected] for any clarification in regard to our POPI Policy.
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Learner enrolment and EISA registration process

The QCTO receives learner information from all accredited Skills Development Providers (SDPs) and Assessment Centres (ACs) which offer QCTO full and part qualifications, in order to perform its quality assurance function for the learners who complete a qualification.

These quality assurance functions include quality assurance monitoring, assessment assurance, and learner certification.

SDPs and ACs must send in enrolment forms in two stages for each group of learners (the first time within 21 working days after the start date of training and the second time at least three months before the expected EISA date for each full or part qualification offered).


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