1. When you become a client we will request certain information, required for administration and commercial purposes as well as functional planning and tactical campaign implementation of your marketing and communication projects.
  2. We may share some of your information with our staff who require this information in order to do their work on behalf of the client, as well as a service provider who may require relevant information about a client.
  3. We may list the names of our clients and past clients on the Gendel website and use client-supplied company references in the pursuit of new business.
  4. We do not share any of your proprietary or sensitive strategic information without your permission.
  5. Your information is securely stored on our servers.
  6. You may at any time request details about what information we have about you.
  7. Once a client ceases doing business with Gendel, we will retain computer files relating to the client for a period of six months. Thereafter we will either archive the creative work or delete it from our servers.
  8. You may contact info@gendel.com for any clarification in regard to our POPI Policy.
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Qualifying a skilled and capable workforce since 2010


"ensuring a responsive QCTO in a post-COVID era"

The September 2021 Webinar will provide an opportunity for key stakeholders to engage with the QCTO management on challenges, opportunities and developments in OQSF landscape.

The webinar series will kick off in September and will not only give key stakeholders the opportunity to engage with QCTO management on various challenges they have experienced during the COVID period, but will also allow the CEO to give insights on the OQSF landscape and strategic imperatives that the QCTO wishes to implement in a post-COVID era.

This webinar will create a platform for engagement and knowledge sharing amongst QCTO’s stakeholders.

Who will benefit from attending?

  • Any of the QCTO’s quality partners, for example institutions accredited by and have a formal relationship with the QCTO to provide learning and or assessment and or quality assurance in the Post School Education and Training (PSET) sector, – for example accredited:
  • Skills Development Providers (SDPs) (public and private), (TVET and CET Colleges),
  • Trade Test Centres (TTCs), Assessment Centres (public and private),
  • intermediary bodies; like SETAs,
  • employer association, QAPs or professional bodies (statutory and non-statutory),
  • AQPs like NAMB, industry bodies, etc.

The Stakeholder Engagement Webinar is one of the QCTO's most critical communication platforms, to engage with stakeholders on matters that impact the implementation, management, quality assurance and certification of qualifications offered on the OQSF.

This is a great opportunity to communicate with the QCTO’s target audience – SDPs, Assessment Centres, SETAs, other key stakeholders on the latest policy development, research and strategic imperatives.

The webinar will provide a launch pad for future engagements with key stakeholders as we chart a way forward for a responsive QCTO in a post-COVID era.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges to all; both people and business organisations. However, one of the most critical lessons we have learned in the past year is that we need to be innovative, resilient and agile, now more than ever. This sentiment is also supported by the QCTO’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Vijayen Naidoo, who requested  for ongoing engagement with our stakeholders and the public, in anticipation for a more technological enabled post-COVID era through various social media platforms including webinars and face to face conference or meetings in the near future, should the lockdown levels allow, as we endeavour to re-configure the skills development landscape to address the multiple constraints facing the QCTO and the country at large.

The QCTO Online Stakeholder Engagement Webinar comes after a series of successful webinars hosted by the QCTO and its partners in the recent past. These webinars reaffirmed the importance and benefits of using online platforms for ongoing communication with key stakeholders.

These webinar series (on online platforms) will ensure that the QCTO remains relevant and stays in touch with its current and future stakeholders - particularly at a time when the gathering of people is limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

To attend

  • Attendance is free and participants will receive a summary of the webinar’s highlights (within a few weeks of the event) as a future reference guide.
  • Space is limited. Seats will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

Time and Date

  • 09:00AM -12:00PM, 30 September 2021


  • A Microsoft Teams webinar link will be sent separately to all admitted stakeholders. The webinar recording will be made available after the session for all QCTO Stakeholder and the broader public, through the QCTO Facebook page and website.

The cut-off date for registration is the 27th September 2021. Invitees are requested to complete the QCTO Provider Feedback Survey upon registration.


Looking forward to your participation!

#HeresToSDPs #HeresToAsssementCentres #HeresToQualityPartners

QCTO Webinar Management Team

09:00 AM - 12:00 PM on Thursday, 30th of September 2021

The number of participants will be limited to allow for an optimal online experience.


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