Skills Development Providers for new Occupational Qualifications

Any Skills Development Provider (SDP) offering training or who wants to provide training in trades, N4-N6, occupational and/or part-qualifications must seek accreditation from the QCTO, and must comply with the minimum criteria for accreditation.

The accreditation is valid for a period of five years from the date in which the QCTO granted accreditation to the SDP or until the SDP is de-accredited by the QCTO.

Accreditation of the SDP may be withdrawn by the QCTO if the SDP fails to perform its responsibilities as stipulated in the QCTO Accreditation Policy, and/or contravenes the provisions stipulated in the accreditation letter or act in a way that is unlawful or unbecoming of a SDP.

The accreditation process comprises of two parts namely: institutional compliance and programme delivery readiness.