Accreditation Process

Application for accreditation

The prospective SDP must complete an application form which is obtainable here

The prospective SDP must provide the following supporting documents:

  •  Proof of juristic status, for example Company Registration Certificate.
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate issued by South African Revenue Services (SARS) or evidence of exemption;
  • Provide proof of financial sustainability for the learning services applied for and throughout the accreditation period ( e.g. Business Plan; Financial Surety; Audited Financial Statements)
  • Valid Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, as applicable to the occupation;
  • Evidence of appropriately qualified facilitator(s) to deliver the Occupational Qualification [e.g. Comprehensive CV, Certified Copy of ID and qualification certificate(s)].
  • Learner Appeal Policy and Code of Conduct.

Desktop evaluation

The QCTO evaluates the completed application and verifies the authenticity of the supporting documents. The QCTO communicates to the prospective SDP about the outcome of the desktop evaluation.

In an event where an application meets the evaluation requirements, the QCTO will propose a date for a site visit/ programme delivery readiness visit, otherwise a decline letter will be sent.

Site visit

The QCTO Verifier conducts a site visit on a specific date agreed upon between the QCTO and the prospective SDP to determine programme delivery readiness.

Accreditation Outcome

Upon receipt of the evaluation report from the QCTO Verifier, the application for accreditation will either be approved or declined.

To this end, a letter will be sent to the SDP Applicant confirming the outcome.