Letter of Intent is meant for Skills Development Providers (SDPs) who intend or who would like to apply for accreditation ( and extension of scope) for historically registered full qualifications at our Quality Assurance Partners ( QAPs) mainly SETAs and Professional Bodies.

This Letter of Intent must be completed by all SDPs  before applying for accreditation, re-accreditation/ extension of accreditation period or extension of scope from a QAP for historically registered full qualifications.

The QCTO will acknowledge receipt of the SDP’s intended application by either advising the SDP to apply for a registered occupational qualification in its place, or confirm that the accreditation application may be made to and processed by the QAP, following their normal QAP processes

In terms of unit standard and QAP’s skills programme applications, the QAPs in the interim remain responsible for the accreditation of these programmes.

As aforementioned, the QCTO will evaluate the SDP’s letter of intent to obtain accreditation with a particular QAP (this process takes 21 working days).

For Letter of Intent submission, please follow a link below: