Guidelines on how to apply for accreditation

Occupation and/or specialisation that the qualification will relate to and OFO code

The completion of this information is compulsory and no application can be considered without it.

The OFO code is the 6-digit occupational code of the related occupation on the OFO (Organising Framework for Occupations) that the qualification is aimed to address and must be identified prior to the completion of the application form.

If unsure of the OFO code to be used, the SETA to whom skills levies are paid or the SETA whose sector is most likely to employ a larger number of people in the relevant occupation can be contacted for assistance.

If the occupation is not yet reflected on the OFO, the relevant SETA will assist.

The specialisation may serve as an entry into or as an addition to an actual occupation on the OFO.

Rationale for the qualification

  • Provide a short description on why this qualification is needed. This must include a description of the following:
  • The specific needs that the qualification will meet in the sector for which it is to be developed. Where relevant, professional body needs can also be reflected;
  • The benefits it will have for society and the economy;
  • The range of typical learners and the areas in which they will be able to find employment; and where applicable, the learning pathway where the qualification will reside, i.e. if it will be an entry into a specific occupation or a further specialisation (an addition to a specific occupation) to allow for career progression.

Professional bodies, associations or organisations that are involved in this occupation

List all professional bodies, associations or organisations that are operational in the field of the occupation.

Employee and employer organisations that are involved in this occupation must also be indicated

Current qualifications that will be affected by the qualification

Provide information on current qualifications and trades that will be affected and/or replaced by the development of the qualification (the information required only relates to qualifications under the auspices of the QCTO and thus includes qualifications previously allocated to (Education and Training Quality Assurance Body (ETQAs) for quality assurance purposes).

Submit the application form

E-mail the completed application form to: no response is received from the QCTO within 5 working days, please enquire with us on