Registered Qualifications

Armature Winder

Armature Winder (Heavy Coil Winder) 

Airline Ground Crew

Automotive Motor Mechanic

Bicycle Mechanic

Boat Builder and Repairer

Boat Builder Repairer (Ship Builder)



Braiding Machine Operator


Bus Driver

Career Development Information Officer


Child and Youth Care worker

Checkout Operator


Chemist (Surface Coatings Technologist)

Clearing and Forwading Agent

Coal Cutter Operator Underground Coal

Combat Weapon Fitter

Community Worker (Community Development Practitioner)

Community Worker (Community Development Worker)

Compliance Officer

Computer Technician

Contact Centre Manager

Crop Produce Analyst

Deck Hand (Able Seaman)

Diesel Fitter

Diesel Mechanic


Dispatching and Receiving Clerk

Draughtsperson (Piping Draughtsperson)


Driller (Directional Driller)

Driller (Exploration Driller)

Dry Rill Operator Underground

Early Childhood Development Practitioner

Electrical Line Mechanic - Overhead Lines Mechanic

Electrical Substation Operations Technician (Power System Controller)



Emergency Service and Rescue Official (Mine Rescue Service Worker)

Energy Efficiency Technician

Engineering Patten Maker

Environmental Science Technician

Financial Markets Practitioner


Fitter and Turner

Footwear Bottomstock Production Machine Operator

Footwear Closing Production Machine Operator

Footwear Cutting Machine Operator

Footwear Lasting and Making Production Machine Operator

Fossil Power Plant Process Controller

Forecourt Attendant

Forestry and Related Industries Safety Health and Environment

Freight Handler

Garden Worker

Geological Technician (Marine Mining Geological Technician)

Geological Technician (Surface Mining Geological Technician)

Geological Technician (Underground Mining Geological Technician)

Geomatics Officer




Hauling Equipment Operator- Underground

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Health Promotion Officer (Community Health Worker)

Hot Water System Installer (Heat Pump Installer)

Hot Water System Installer (Solar Water Installer)

Hydro Power Plant Process Controller

Instrument Mechanician

Insurance Agent - Insurance Underwriter

Insurance Claims Assessor

Internal Audit Manager (Internal Audit Quality Assurer)

Internal Auditor (ICT Internal Auditor)

Landscape Gardener (Landscaping Supervisor)

Library Assistant

Lift Mechanic

Lubrication Equipment

Man-Made Fibre Production Machine Operator

Master Toolmaker (Casting and Die Casting Mouldmaker)

Master Toolmaker (Metal Forming Die Maker)

Master Toolmaker (Plastic or Rubber or Glass)

Master Toolmaker (Purpose Built Machine Master Toolmaker)

Master Toolmaker (Specialised Tooling Machinist Master Toolmaker)

Mechanical Fitter


Metal Machinist

Metal Mechanist (Automotive Machinist)



Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Calcining)

Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Hydromettalurgy)

Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Materials Handler)

Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Materials Preparer-Lump Ore)

Mineral Beneficiation Process Controller (Smelting)

Mining Technician (Mine Planning Practitioner)

Mining Technician (Mine Ventilation Observer)

Mining Technician (Mine Ventilation Officer) 

Mining Technician (Mining Sampler: Hardrock)

Mining Technician (Mining Surveyor)

Mining Technician (Strata Control Practitioner: Coal)

Mining Technician (Strata Control Observer: Underground Hardrock)

Mining Technician (Strata Control Practitioner Underground)

Motorcycle Mechanic


Municipal Property Assessor

Non-Woven Textile Production Machine Operator

Nuclear Power Plant Process Controller

Nursery Person (Garden Centre Supervisor)

Nursery Person (Nursery Supervisor)

Occupational Trainer

Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner

Office Administrator


Organisational Risk Manager (Risk Practitioner)

Organisational Risk Manager (Organisational Risk Officer)

Prison Officer (Correctional Officer)

Retail Sales Advisor

Rock Drill Operator

School Manager

Sewing Machine Operator

Small Engine Mechanic

Small Winder Operator

Social Auxiliary Worker

Sugar Processing Machine Operator

Supply Chain Practitioner

Supply and Distribution Manager

Survey Interviewer

Parole Board Member (Offender Placement and Release Practitioner)

Panel Beater

Parachute Rigger

Pest Management Officer

Pipe Fitter

Plastics Manufacturing Machine Setter


Port Manager

Poultry Farmer

Professional Principal Executive Officer

Professional Principal Executive Officer(Retirement Fund Trustees)

Purchasing Officer

Railway Signal Operator

Retail Manager General - Retail Store Manager

Retail Supervisor

Road Transport Manager

Store Person

Sugar Processing Controller

Sheetfed Lithography Technician

Solar Photovoltaic Service Technician

Tax Professional

Tax Technician

Taxi Driver

Textile Wet Process Dyeing Machine Operator

Textile Wet Process Printing Machine Operator


Training and Development Practitioner

Traffic Officer

Train Driver

Transport Clerk ( Transport Coordination)

Transportation Electrician

Travel Professional

Truck Driver

Tufting Machine Operator

Vehicle Painter (Automobile and Marine Painter)

Vehicle Damage Quantifier

Vehicle Trimmer

Visual Merchandiser

Warp Knitting Machine Operator

Warping Machine Operator

Weaving Machine Operator

Weft Knitting Machine Operator


Wind Turbine Service Technician

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