Occupational Quality Assurance

Through its Quality Assurance function the QCTO will ensure that those people who have completed their studies for an occupational qualification, and have successfully passed the final external integrated summative assessment, meet the required standards.

Those who meet the criteria are awarded an occupational certificate. This ensures prospective employers and customers can be confident that those holding occupational certificates are fully qualified to do the work stated on the certificate.

The QCTO abides by the principle that an occupation is the title we give an individual who is capable of doing a number of tasks associated with a specific job title. An occupational qualification will certify that this is the case.

QCTO Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Assurance of Assessment

- Approved AQPs with Registered Qualifications

-  Assessment Quality Partners Forum

Accredited Assessment Centres

Quality Assurance Partners (QAPs)

- Delegation to Quality Assurance Partners (QAPs)

- List of QAPs



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